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Terms of Service

Terms of Service



    These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all contracts and agreements of service concerning translation or any other professional service provided by Express Translation Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ET) to its Clients, and shall annul all prior oral and written contracts, agreements, statements and arrangements which may have existed between the parties regarding any matter. Client acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions shall be effective upon receipt by Express Translation Pte Ltd of the requested quotation for translation or any other type of service, in conjunction with these conditions. Both documents are to be duly signed and stamped on each page.


    All quotations are issued in written form to the Client for acceptance by means of a returned signed and stamped copy. The duly signed and stamped quotation, together with a copy of these Terms and Conditions, may either be delivered to the registered offices of ET in person, or sent via fax or e-mail. Should the Client opt for returning the signed copy of the quotation by e-mail, acceptance will be effective as of the moment in which reception is confirmed by ET. All verbal offers and quotations provided by ET?s staff and/or made available via ET?s web sites are intended to serve as non-binding guidelines only, and are subject to subsequent written confirmation by ET. Any requested extension of or modification to a quoted service which, at the discretion of ET, represents a considerable increase in workload will remain subject to the issue and acceptance of a new, substitute quotation contemplating the additional services requested by the Client. All quotations are to be valid for a period of THIRTY(30) CALENDAR DAYS.


    Upon ET's receipt of the duly signed and stamped copies of the quotation and the General Terms and Conditions, the Client immediately enters a contract with ET, which is to be subject to these General Terms and Conditions and to the Specific Terms and Conditions attached to the same. Should, due to the nature of the contracted service, the Client be required to facilitate additional documentation or material, all deadlines will remain suspended until such material is provided. Similarly, in the event of adequate communication between the two parties proving impossible, said deadlines will also be suspended. Upon receiving signed copies of the quotation and these General and Specific Terms and Conditions, ET will confirm the project and assign it a definitive PROJECT NUMBER, which will be duly communicated to the Client. The project number must be stated in all written communication between the Parties, in the subject header of all electronic communications sent between the same and on the invoice issued by ET to the Client upon completion of the project.


    All quotations reflect net amounts and, as such, are to subject to an increase in accordance with the application of any corresponding tax. The issue and payment of invoices will adhere to the provisions of the specific terms and conditions applicable to the contracted service: translation or any other professional services. Payments are to be effected by means of cheque, transfer or cash deposit into the bank account specified by ET. All other methods of payment methods are subject to the prior, written acceptance of ET. Without prejudice to other rights, ET will apply the corresponding interest rate plus two percent to all amounts pending payment by the Client beyond the period indicated in the corresponding project quotation.


    In all cases and irrespective of the eventual circumstances of the termination of the contract, ET guarantees to maintain complete confidentiality and professional secrecy with regard to all information provided by the Client for the purposes of the contracted service, by any means and at any time, including following the termination of the contract period, with the aim of preventing the unauthorised handling or use of said information by third parties. All ET?s staff and collaborators have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company and, therefore, are obliged to maintain the most absolute confidentiality with regard to all and any information they may receive in relation to the work they carry out on behalf of the company.


    These General Terms and Conditions shall be applied providing that no other criteria are established by the Specific Terms and Conditions. In such cases, the Specific Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


    All relationships between the Parties are to be subjected to current Singapore legislation.


Once Express Translation Pte Ltd (ET) has duly received from the Client a signed, stamped copy of a quotation relative to its translation services, the Client immediately enters a contract with ET, which is subject to the company's General Terms and Conditions of Service and to the following Specific Terms and Conditions:


    The Client must clearly and expressly indicate to ET the proposed destination of the contracted translation. To the contrary, ET will understand that the translation is to be employed by the Client for merely informative purposes. The Client must inform ET of any change in the final destination of a contracted translation with regard to the original destination as indicated by the Client upon requesting a quotation for translation services, in order that ET may authorise and confirm the adaptation of the translation to its new destination. With regard to those projects requiring the employment of specific terminology, ET will employ the glossaries and reference documentation provided by the Client. Upon the request of the Client, the terminology employed in the translation will be adapted to the information provided. The Client will hold sole responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of such terminology. Should the Client fail to provide and establish suitable terminology for the project in question, the Client relinquishes the right to any claim with regard to any divergence between the terminology employed by the Client and that employed by ET in the realisation of its services. ET will accept no claims from or responsibility before the Client or third parties should the Client fail to comply with the conditions of this clause, omit or modify the destination of the contracted work or alter its content by any means of procedure without the written authorisation of ET. Additionally, ET reserves the right to refuse the object of the contract, to apply any applicable surcharges and/or to lodge any applicable claims, including those for any damages that may be incurred by the company.


    Upon reception by ET of the corresponding acceptance of a quotation, the Client is to forward the definitive files for translation. Upon the request of the Client, original documentation may be sent by fax, e-mail or mail. Should, following the reception by ET of the original documentation, the Client decide to effect modifications to the same and forward a new version for translation, ET will consider the new documentation as pertaining to a new, separate project and, as such, will provide a new quotation for acceptance by the Client. In the case of any such change to the original documentation, ET reserves the right both to provide a new quotation and to adjust the final price of the translation project in accordance with the content of the new documentation.


    The delivery dates established between the Parties for the finished translation work are to be considered as of the reception by ET of the original documentation for translation. ET will accept no responsibility for any possible delays in the delivery of contracted translation work attributable to failure of the Internet or the electrical network, server failure or failures of any other type not attributable to ET. In such cases, new delivery dates or alternative delivery methods will be agreed upon with the Client. Upon the request of the Client, final translations may be sent by fax, e-mail, mail or courier service. ET accepts no responsibility for any delays resulting from the saturation of telephonic or data transmission lines or from any other cause beyond its control. ET will make all attempts to ensure the correct reception of the document and will re-send the work in the case of problems arising.


    In general terms, translations are billed in accordance with the volume of words contained in the source document. In specific cases, alternative billing formats may be established (translated words, pages, lines, etc.). In those cases in which it is impossible to effect an automatic calculation of the volume of words contained in the source document (hard copy, image formats, etc.), an open quotation may be produced specifying a final price for each word contained in the target document. At the discretion of ET, the word count to which the tariff is to be applied may be effected on the target document. The delivery of source documents is to be agreed upon between the Parties. Such documents will be delivered to ET in one of the more commonly-employed text document formats (.doc, .rtf, .txt). Any other document format may give rise to the application of a surcharge proportional to the time and resources invested in its treatment and translation. All work related to the creation and maintenance of glossaries, edition, the incorporation of graphics and images, the creation and transfer to specific formats, as well as projects for which it is impossible to apply reasonable prices in accordance with the volume of words contained in the source document, are to be billed in accordance with the time invested by ET in carrying out the contracted service.


    Should the Client, following completion and pending the delivery of the contracted work, cancel an accepted project, ET will exercise its right to receive full payment of the quoted sum.


    In the case of any error or omission in the contracted work, ET reserves the right to (a) carry out the services once more to the satisfaction of the Client or, (b) compensate the Client for the cost of the project up to a maximum amount equivalent to the quoted fees, under the condition that such fees have been satisfied in accordance with the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

    The Client guarantees that the requested translation does not infringe any copyright or any other right derived from the intellectual or industrial property of the documentation delivered for translation and that it will not be destined to any illegal use. Similarly, the Client guarantees to maintain ET independent of any claim presented by third parties to this respect.


  1. XCT is ONLY applicable to certificates as follows:
    1. Academic certificates
    2. Birth certificates
    3. Death certificates
    4. Marriage certificates
    5. Divorce certificates
    6. Driving licenses
  2. XCT is ONLY applicable to certified translations into ENGLISH.
  3. XCT is ONLY applicable to certificates in languages that are listed in the XCT Supported Languages List.
  4. For multiple certificates submission, ALL certificates MUST be in the SAME source language.
  5. Only 1 certificate of accuracy will be issued for every job request.
  6. Next Working Day Delivery refers to the delivery of the translation of the certificates for client's approval. It does not refer to the complete delivery of the certified translation.
  7. Next Working Day Delivery is ONLY applicable under these conditions:
    1. job is submitted before 12pm, GMT +8 and
    2. total number of certificates in one job is not more than 4.
    Jobs that do not fulfill the above 2 conditions are not guaranteed Next Working Day Delivery.
  8. No refund will be given for cancellation of jobs after a confirmation email has been sent by us.
  9. Translation Express Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse service to anyone in its sole and absolute discretion.
  10. Translation Express Pte Ltd reserves the right to change these SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR XPRESS CERTIFICATE TRANSLATION (XCT) at any time, and you agree to abide by the most recent version of our Terms of Service each time you view and use XCT.