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Certified Translation of birth, marriage, driving license, diploma certificates

Certified Translation Service

Certified translation service is generally required for documents in foreign language that are to be submitted to formal institutions such as immigration, universities, embassies, courts, government bodies, etc. It is widely submitted when applying for Permanent Residence (PR), Employment Pass (EP), S Pass, Dependent Pass, admission to institutions of higher learning, or for legal purposes.

When a primary document has to be certified translated, a certificate of accuracy is normally issued. For instance, a Diploma in French is to be submited to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority for PR application in Singapore. The primary document will be professionally translated and a certificate of accuracy issued by a translator/translation company will be attached to it. Then, the copies of the primary document and the translation together with the original certificate of accuracy are handed to the client.

Source Document


Certificate of Accuracy

At Express Translation, we provide certified translation services. A certificate of accuracy will be provided to you along with the translated document. It is to confirm that the document has been translated by a qualified translator and that we believe it is a true, accurate and complete translation.

Below are some common documents that require certified translation:

  • Birth / death certificates
  • Marriage / divorce certificates
  • Education certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Court verdicts

Note: Different governmental bodies may have different requirements for certification. Please check with the relevant authorities on their specific requirements.

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